Push to scrap tax gains momentum; BC finance minister says he’ll ‘cross that bridge when it comes’… Ontario needs a petition like this one…

(Source: Vancouver Sun)

A petition to repeal the harmonized sales tax would receive much more support across the province than it would need to succeed, a new poll has found, meaning organizers now need to convert public disapproval into actual signatures.

An Angus Reid poll provided exclusively to The Vancouver Sun found that more than 80 per cent of people in the province would sign the petition if given the opportunity.

To succeed, the anti-HST petition must be signed by 10 per cent of registered voters in each of the province’s 85 ridings.

“Our problem right now is trying to manage the success,” said Chris Delaney, an organizer of the anti-HST petition and former B.C. Conservative Party candidate.

Read Jonathan Fowlie’s full article “Majority would sign anti-HST petition: poll” in the Vancouver Sun (April 17, 2010).

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