Lac-Mirabel is a super-regional mall currently under construction in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada. Construction began on January 29, 2008 for 1,400,000 square feet of shops, a luxury hotel, and various sports installations.

The mall’s opening was originally due for the fall of 2009, but construction stopped due to a lack of funding.

(Source: The Gazette)

The Lac Mirabel project, once destined to become a $425-million lifestyle centre with an aquarium and mall off Highway 15 (in Mirabel Quebec), is being reinvented with a new vocation: shopping outlets.

Gordon Group Holdings LLC has proposed scaling down the project, The Gazette has learned. It was first announced with great fanfare in 2005, but never built.

An announcement about the land’s future should be made next month, said Jean Marcoux, a spokesperson for Connecticut-based CEO Sheldon Gordon.

Read the full article, “Lac Mirabel shopping centre plan scaled down” in the Gazette (April 30, 2010).

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