To find out all about what colour selection says about you, be sure to check out Carmen Dragomir’s full posting “WHAT DOES YOUR PAINT COLOR SAY ABOUT YOU?” in Carmen’s Corner… But, for a quick idea, check out the snippet below from Carmen…

Red… is a stimulating color with the strongest emotional response. Different tones of red can have a different impact on your emotions, luscious red is exciting, deep brick reds like terracotta bring warmth and could be an understated classic look, cherry red is romantic and energetic. Red may increase passion, but also aggression, anger, and restlessness.

Orange… brings enthusiasm into a room, orange is fun and youthful. Darker tones of orange like brick orange bring warmth and could be paired with earth tones, lighter tones of orange can be whimsical and it conveys a sense of quickness mind and body. Orange can stimulate your appetite, so knowing which color is the best choice for your kitchen is very important!

Yellow… don’t you always think of sunshine when thinking of yellow? Bright, optimistic and upbeat are the vibrant tones of yellow. There are softer yellows that can be comforting and easy on the eyes, and go well when creating subtle color combinations. Yellow generally combats gloom and fatigue and enhances communication, learning and changes your mood in a second.

Green… is relaxing, soothing, comforting. Green brings a feeling of being in the nature if in soothing earth tones, while darker tones bring a more conservative, traditional look to a room. The color of harmony and control it exudes prosperity and well being. Depending on the tone chosen, you can create a cool fresh mint look so perfect for refreshing and restorative spaces like a bedroom!

Blue… describes loyalty and honesty, the tones of blue sky and blue water denote integrity. Used in bedrooms in a cool blue gray, baby blue or aqua tone will surely create a peaceful, restful and calming interior. Blue hues lower blood pressure, respiration bringing a sense of peace and serenity. Make sure you choose the right tone though! The darker tones could make people’s complexion look grey under certain lighting.

Purple… calls to mind luxury, spirituality, somberness, royalty. Rich tones of purples and violet can be used in rooms with an elegant feel, paired wonderfully with crystals and soft textures, while light tones of lilac and lavender can be romantic and soothing, depending on what colors and textures is combined with.

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