Matthew Slutsky
April 28, 2010

Builders are slowly learning that online marketing efforts are an essential component of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Some builders/developers are learning how best to utilize new online techniques, while others still don’t understand these new techniques.

Let’s be honest, a Twitter account with 50 followers with a weekly tweet “COME TO OUR SALES CENTRE!” will neither draw much attention, nor gain engagement from users. But, this is the strategy that most developers are employing, from what I see.

In my opinion, builders and developers who want to thrive in the online world will need to know the online tools, and be comfortable employing them in their marketing strategies. Don’t get me wrong, traditional print-adverting is still extremely important, but the role has changed from trying to get people directly into a sales centre, to driving them to a well planned and informative website.

Below are 7 helpful tools for builders to improve their online marketing efforts:

1. Your website should be the centre of your marketing campaign. All marketing should drive people to your interactive and informative website. It should be more than a flash based site, with some nice renderings, layouts, a register page and a contact page; it should connect with the buyers, inform them, engage them, answer their questions, and draw them into the sales centre. Publish a blog to encourage interaction, and keep the website relevant; talk about the local area, amenities, and inspire the viewer!

2. Know Google. Understand Google. Sure, there are lots of search-engines out there, but Google directs the traffic. A well optimized website that is updated regularly with relevant information will draw organic traffic through Google.

3. Use pay-per-click advertising, efficiently. Paying for “new home” may draw a lot of traffic to your website, but such general terms will be very expensive and may be inefficient. Spend time determining the search terms you really want, such as neighbourhood-names. You can also narrow down your parameters by using negative words to ensure that your clickers are relevant; for example, if you are a retirement community, exclude “first-time buyer”.

4. Are you using social media? Great! But, let people know where to find you. BuzzBuzzHome uses “We Love Stalkers” with links to our most active social-media tools.

5. Your social-media strategy campaign used be on focus, have a personality, and be used to draw traffic to your main website/blog. Many people want to draw traffic to one of their social media outlets (such as their Facebook page), but remember that you have no control over these platforms; such platforms can change their rules and terms-of-use at any time. You have control of your website, so use that as your base.

6. Be engaging in social media. Try to get people asking questions, and commenting. Try to get people involved. Sooo…. Start a conversation! Don’t just try to sell sell sell, be relevant and on topic.

7. Have fun!

Have any others that we are missing, or know any developers who have a great online marketing strategy? Please let us comment back to us….

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