Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the hottest of them all?

April 1, 2010

At BuzzBuzzHome we track our site analytics carefully. We use three different analytics software programs to see detailed visitor statistics for our site and blog. We then study this data night and day, talk about it ad nauseum, and then dream about it.

One of our data points is the popularity of developments on our site – which developments are receiving the most page views and have the highest click through rates. So, without further ado, the following are the 10 hottest (most viewed) developments at BuzzBuzzHome based on the online activity of approximately 40,000 visitors to the site over the month of March, 2010. The list is in reverse order whereby number 10 = the tenth most hot and number 1 = the hottest of them all…

10. The Berczy [map], by Concert Properties

9. Schoolhouse [map], by Empire Communities

8. Holiday Towers [map] by Fram Building Group

7. The L Tower [map], by Cityzen Development Corp and Fernbrook Homes

6. Thompson Residences [map], by Freed Developments

5. Minto775 King West [map], by Minto

4. 8 Mercer [map], by Graywood Developments Ltd. and Beaverhall Homes

3. Liberty Place [map], by Canalfa Group

2. Art Condominiums [map], by Triangle West Development

1. Number One Bloor [map], by Great Gulf Homes

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