Matthew Slutsky
BuzzBuzzHome Corp.
March 20, 2010

Are you a real-estate builder or developer? If so, I hope you have a Facebook Fan-Page and a Twitter account. New research shows that social fans are more likely to buy.

Seeing how few developers I see with such accounts (of course, there are a few), I would imagine that a large majority don’t even know what “a tweet” is.

If you are in the industry, and haven’t thought of a social-media plan, your sales may suffer. A new study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate shows that those who are fans or followers of a brand on Facebook or Twitter are significantly more likely to buy products and services or recommend the brand to a friend.

According to eMarketer:

More than one-half of Facebook fans said they are more likely to make a purchase for at least a few brands, and 67% of Twitter followers reported the same.

The power of earned media gives a further boost to brands: 60% of respondents claimed their Facebook fandom increased the chance they would recommend a brand to a friend. Among Twitter followers, that proportion rose to nearly eight in 10.

Why are people following you, and what do they want to know about? Again, eMarketer states:

Among Facebook fans, the top reasons were being a customer (49%) and to show support (42%), with discounts and promotions coming in third (40%). Another 34% simply said it was fun and entertaining to become a fan. On Twitter, being a customer won out (51%), with discounts (44%) and fun (42%) rounding out the top three.

So… What are you waiting for???

Feel overcome with anxiety even thinking about entering the social-media world? Feel free to email me at matthew [at] buzzbuzzhome [dot] com… I am sure I can guide you in the right direction…

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