(Source: The Toronto Star)

One year after a controversial moratorium on new bars on the street was passed, much on Ossington Ave. has seemed frozen in time, with no new eateries and few new shops.

Other than the growth in gallery space, that is. More than ever, the Ossington art hub is alive and vibrant.

Jamie Angell’s Angell Gallery relocated to the foot of Ossington from 890 Queen St. W., moving from 700 square feet to a cavernous 4,000. With its grand central space and satellite wings, it isn’t hard to imagine Angell as a bustling bistro. Instead, it’s now one of the bright lights of a booming creative nexus.

Read Sarah Barmak’s full article “Ossington a booming creative hub … for now” in the Toronto Star (March 14, 2010).

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