Some consider Zillow’s mobile app better suited for researching real estate than the actual Zillow website…

Since the great app rush began, Web companies have scurried to build mobile apps. In some cases, they have realized that their services are better suited to cellphone screens than computers.

Zillow’s iPhone app has been downloaded by more than one million people. Take, the real estate Web site, where people can hunt for prices and other details about houses. Zillow’s iPhone app adds GPS. People walking their dog through the neighborhood can snoop on the prices of their neighbors’ homes.

“It’s a way better experience in the field than on the PC,” said Rich Barton, Zillow’s chief executive. “When you’re walking or driving, you get estimates or homes recently sold — stuff you can’t see.”

Read the full article, “Mobile Apps That Outperform Websites” in The New York Times (March 10, 2010).

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