March 5, 2010

Kermit has it all wrong. We like him, we respect him, but this time he’s got it wrong. minto775 proves it IS easy being green!

minto775 [map] is paving the way with it’s ‘Living Green’ initiative. In fact, perhaps ‘initiative’ is the wrong word. Maybe ‘ethos’ describes it better.

With minto775, the whole building is designed around the idea of creating better places for their residents by approaching it with a thoughtful, intelligent and sustainable design.

The concept is based around 5 key ideals – Lifestyle, Innovation, Value, Design and Sustainability.

Minto is serious about this. They’re not messing around. Some of the things they’re doing:

  • Car plug-ins – designated underground spots for the growing electric car trend
  • Bike Share Program – sign up at the Concierge or Property Management Office, grab a bike, and go!
  • Car Share Program – help the environment AND save money!
  • Rain Water Harvesting – a cistern collects rain water and stores it for future use.
  • All-Off Switch and Green Plugs – one flick turns off all fixed lighting, exhaust fans and all green plugs
  • Green Roof – to combat urban island heat effect
With all these proposals and more, minto775 is expected to exceed building code energy efficiency requirements by a whopping 35%!

Maybe Kermit should think about buying a unit here, then he won’t have anything to complain about!

For more information on Minto’s Living Green ideas click here.

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