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March 29th, 2010

We here at BuzzBuzzHome are always tickled by new and original things. Whether it be mixing eggs and bananas into an edible breakfast meal, Lady Gaga’s new video, or something else, we appreciate creativeness.

That’s why when we saw the ad campaign for minto775 [map] we smiled inwardly.

It’s not very often that an ad campaign for a condo breaks from the norm (a couple holding hands on a beach at sunset, possibly walking a dog or with a glass of wine in their hands…..YAWN!!!!), and so when it DOES happen we find it very refreshing.

Fair play to minto for going with this ultra-simplistic yet highly memorable campaign. It has a fresh, fun look to it and perfectly meshes with the King West vibe – upbeat and trendy.

With more and more evidence showing that traditional advertising is working less effectively on consumers than before, minto have taken the necessary step that others will soon realise is the way forward.

minto775’s sales office is now open and is located at 775 King Street West.

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