March 21, 2010

What will be the future be of newspapers and print-journalism? I haven’t a clue, but more importantly, what will happen to the world if there were no more newspapers??

Check out this great video below, from The Onion, discussing the impact of the end of print journalism on “old loons”.

Here is what BuzzBuzzHome will miss the most about newspapers:

At the cottage, newspapers are essential for starting the wood-burning stove;
2. If you don’t have wrapping paper, they are an excellent source to wrap presents in;
3. Streak free windows! In conjunction with Windex, they are great for cleaning windows;
4. On a rainy day, they make an excellent interim umbrella;
5. I don’t have kids, but if I did, how would they make paper-mache art?
6. What will I read on the toilet in the morning?
oh yeah, I have viigo on my Blackberry..
7. Great for killing bugs;
8. How will kids make money without a bike-route?
9. If you’re painting or about to make a mess they can protect your floor;
10. They are perfect for cutting out funny pictures and sticking on the fridge;
11. Where will real estate developers spend all their advertising money?

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