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March 1st, 2010

Downtown Toronto. Urban metropolis. A brick, steel and concrete jungle. High-rises to your left. High-rises to your right. High-rises rising high as far as the eye can see. Sometimes it can all be a bit too much!

Well, we here at BuzzBuzzHome are bearers of good news.

Minto’s new development on King West, Minto775 [map] comes equipped with an ‘urban outdoor courtyard’, and it looks pretty cool from where I’m sitting. It fits in with Minto‘s ‘Living Green’ ethos, and incorporates all things earthy. All the elements are on display here. Remember the kids cartoon show Captain Planet? Well the Captain himself would be very proud of what Minto have envisioned!

Your attention will probably be divided between the fireplace and the water feature, although with other cool features such as a light wall showing silent films and video features, we’re having a hard time trying to figure out what we like most about the courtyard.

We just love the idea of being able to chill out in a space that is as much private and secluded as it is open and inviting, and right in the heart of the urban jungle too!

For more information on minto775 you can click here.

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