March 10th, 2010

How many of you out there would consider yourselves to be brand loyal?

Do you always use the same shampoo? Have you driven Cadillacs your whole life? Are you a staunch advocate of the virtues of an Armani suit over those of a Hugo Boss?

How about your Condos?

Freed Developments are hoping that your brand loyalty will overlap into your condo purchasing. They pride themselves on offering the complete customer service experience package and treat buyers not as walking cash machines, but as stakeholders.

Their whole idea is to create long term relationships by creating the ‘best possible lifestyle experiences’. By offering such a complete package – including their own “condo store”, an in-house design team and in-house brokerage firm – Freed hopes to get repeat business from their customers down the line.

It’s a really great approach to the whole customer service side of selling property, and one which they seem to truly believe in.

Their latest development for example, The Thompson Residences [map], embodies everything that Freed stands for; it’s the complete lifestyle experience in the city and offers so much more than ‘regular’ condo units. Click on the link to find out why!

If you want to find out more about Freed, or indeed their latest project in King West, the opening night for The Thompson Residences is being held in their sales centre @ 621 King St. West on March 18th at 4pm.

Entry is on a first come first served basis so get there nice and early!

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