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March 31, 2010

It’s getting messy…you know when a seemingly unrelated stress exposes other tensions? Well that’s what’s happening with real estate agents these days.

Re/Max has released a campaign in the GTA with a straightforward message: “WARNING! Don’t use a part time Agent”. Michael Polzler, head of Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada, defends the campaign voraciously:

“I don’t believe part-time agents can do the job…Someone who has a non-real-estate, full-time job should not be allowed to handle the largest financial transaction most people make in their lifetime. You have taxi drivers with real-estate licences and that’s not cool.” The Financial Post

Ouch. I think that was a bit of a low blow to taxi drivers.

The timing of the campaign cannot be disentangled from the current battle between the Competition Bureau and CREA. The Competition Bureau believes that sellers should be able to pick and choose which services they receive from agents rather than paying for every service in one commission fee. That change indicates that some sellers could perform the services themselves and leaves agents feeling somewhat discredited. So they’re trying to “re-professionalize” the industry by deeming it necessary that agents are full-time.

To read more about the dispute between CREA and the Competition Bureau see “Competition Bureau vs. CREA for Dummies

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