Kiyoko Fujimura
Buzzbuzzhome Corp.

March 29, 2010

I was walking down Queen West this past weekend and noticed a sign for 1001 Queen West and the website listed as “”. I thought this was a bit of a hyperbole for a new condo, but texted the address to myself to make sure to add it to Buzzbuzzhome later.

But…turns out I was TRICKED! I realized I’m completely susceptible to marketing campaigns…but I was glad I was tricked once I visited the site!

CAMH is a building a healing community. It won’t just be a hospital, but rather an urban village encompassing 27 acres designed to integrate the community with the rehabilitation process. The campaign for the CAMH Foundation was designed by Zig and emulates the style of traditional condominium-style campaigns. Hence why I was tricked! There will even be a “model suite” in Queen West.

Darrell Gregersen, President and CEO of the CAMH Foundation spoke about the project:

“It is unprecedented for an addiction and mental health facility to be leading the revitalization of 27 acres, or nine blocks in the downtown core of Canada’s largest city…[t]he campaign approach is a metaphor for the transformation of an old institution into a modern healing community with through streets, retailers, and residences all seamlessly woven together – where CAMH becomes a destination for people to enjoy a coffee as much as it is for people to receive treatment. We want as many people as possible to understand and become involved with this truly world-leading and life-changing work.”

The campaign hopes to raise a whopping $100 million and they’re well on their way! To donate or learn more visit

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