Update 1:55pm…Move has been successful…we are now in the cloud…

March 20, 2010

In case you’re wondering why certain elements on this page may be missing and why our site is either down or acting strange today, it’s because we’re moving…to the cloud.

Today BuzzBuzzHome is leaving our Rackspace Dedicated Server located in San Antonio Texas and instead setting up shop in the cloud.

Our new home should be fully provisioned shortly, we’re just working on ensuring all the furniture is in the right place – see you in the cloud!

The technical details – if you’re interested…

Although we’re leaving our dedicated server, we’re sticking with our hosting provider RackSpace. The reason for this is that they’re a pretty phenomenal company with ‘fanatical support’. Their policy is to have a human answer the telephone 24/7 (so even at 3:42am on New Years) within 3 telephone rings! That’s damn good support.

In addition, independent tests have shown that Rackspace Cloud Servers outperform the number one competitor Amazon EC2.

The technical specs of the cloud setup that we’re moving to is actually proprietary Rackspace info (they literally refuse to release the exact hardware) but we do know that we’re getting dual quad core processing with 4096 MB of RAM.

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