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March 11th, 2010

We touched on this briefly in a previous post about ART Condos [map] but feel that we should discuss it a little further in it’s own piece.

ART launched a social media campaign a little while ago that involves a Facebook and Twitter account, as well as their own dedicated blog.

Now, that’s not TOO uncommon in this day and age. Many, but not all developers are beginning to realize the impact that such campaigns can have.

What IS uncommon about ART is the way they are approaching it. For all intents and purposes they have set up a ‘virtual personality’ that embodies their project.

Aside from the obvious updates on the project, links to information pieces etc. that they post, the content they are putting up is wide ranging and varied.

A lot of their focus is based on the Queen West neighbourhood and they are never short to suggest places to eat, provide a heads-up on any special deals in the area, interesting events and more.

With the building being designed with artists needs in mind, they also provide a lot of content based around the art scene both in the community and Toronto in general. For instance, they went to the recent Toronto Art Expo and interviewed some of the artists on display and put these videos up on their blog.

It got us thinking – how many developments are doing something similar? Do you know of any? Have ART stumbled across a corner of the market that is just beginning to find it’s feet in the arcane world of real estate advertising and promotion?

With so many developers sticking to the tried and trusted promotional media of years gone by is this the beginning of the ushering in of a new era?

Why not check out ART’s blog and other online stuff and let us know what you think.

You’ll be surprised at some of the content that you’ll find. We for one are interested in what else they have planned up their sleeve!

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