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February 19, 2010

As downtown Vancouver becomes increasingly residential, Vancouverites are happily trading space for convenience. So how are they compensating for the lost space?

Open-plan interiors provide a facade of space. Vancouver architect Michelle Biggar noted to the Vancouver Sun that an open space provides more opportunities for interaction in a space. In the time-starved urban lifestyle, interaction with friends and family is an incredibly important factor when considering a living space.

So now that many units have become as open as they can, architects are wondering what the next “it” design will be. Michael Geller, another Vancouver architect, has an idea:

“…as soon as you put a wall and door on the living room you can convert your one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom apartment, if you choose to”…[o]ften, we take all the walls out on the assumption that is more flexible, but we create more restrictions. Vancouver Sun

With maximizing space at the forefront of every Vancouver architect’s mind, it will be interesting to see what the next innovation will be.

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