Robots aren’t building the theme park, they are the theme park…

Feb 22, 2010

South Korea doesn’t fool around when it comes to robots. Incheon Robot Land Co., Ltd. of South Korea has raised more than 784.5 billion Won ($680 million USD) to build a 100+ acre theme park based on entirely on robots. The theme park is called Robot Land.

The world’s first of its kind facility will include theme attractions, a water park, residential/commercial space, and professional areas for research. Robot Land is set to break ground in November 2010 and will go live in May of 2012, with a full scale opening in 2013.

About 13 percent of the investment in Robot Land is coming from the South Korean government.

According to Incheon Robot Land Co., Ltd. CEO Eugene Jun, he has four goals as manager of the company:

First, I will create a new form of theme park with Incheon Robot Land.

Second, I will create an international attraction that attracts more than 4 million visitors a year

Third, I will comply with all global standars so that Incheon can be remembered by the world as the home of Robot Land.

Fourth, I will try to open Robot Land as soon as possible.

I don’t think a robot could have said it better itself.

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