Tycoon believes golfer’s marriage is ‘damaged’ beyond repair…Questions decision to hold no-question news conference…

(Source: Guardian)

The American business magnate Donald Trump has told Tiger Woods to end his marriage and become a playboy. “Tiger’s a friend of mine and I have a lot of respect for Tiger as an amazing athlete, but this whole thing has got totally out of hand,” Trump said in advance of the golfer’s statement today.

On the five-year marriage between Woods and Swedish ex-model Elin Nordegren – they have two small children – Trump added on Fox television network: “I have a whole question as to whether they should even get back together. It’s so damaged and if the reports are just half true, I would recommend Tiger just call it a bad experience, say bye-bye, go out, be a wonderful playboy, win tournaments and have a good life.

Read the full article, “Tiger Woods should get divorced and become a playboy, says Donald Trump” in the Guardian.co.uk (Feb 19, 2010).

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