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February 18, 2010

The general manager of the hotel-condo One King West, Steve O’Brien, is taking on the impossible: improving the TTC’s image. And what does he get for it? Nada!

Torontonians know the never ending delays and unexpected service blackouts oh too well. Coupled with the looming threat of strikes, the recent photo of a TTC collector sleeping, and the fare increases, riders have developed some disdain for TTC workers. And can you really blame them? After all, the TTC’s counterpart in Vancouver, TransLink, has managed to absorb the Olympic rush without much of a hitch:

Olympic spectators by the tens of thousands poured into downtown Vancouver on public transit Tuesday — the first day that all city venues had a full slate of events — but there were no major problems. The Vancouver Sun

So if their transit system can handle the biggest event in the world without a problem, then why was the Bloor line from Broadview to Ossington down during yesterday’s rush hour?

In order to ease the tension, a customer service advisory board has been created. O’Brien will be the volunteer head of this committee. The TTC has already announced that they will increase the number of “secret shoppers” (customers who evaluate their experience without the employees’ knowledge).

Speaking with the Toronto Star O’Brien said:

“A lot of it is culture and attitude…[y]ou can spend a lot of money trying to implement programs and initiatives, but at the end of the day if the staff don’t buy in, it could be good money gone bad.” The Toronto Star

Godspeed, O’Brien, I hope you didn’t bite off more than you can chew.

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