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February 28, 2010

Yorkville. The land of Canada’s rich and famous. The land where people do not like change.

Well, looks like some change is coming to the glamorous and historic street of Hazelton Avenue, much to the dismay of the lobby group “SAVE YORKVILLE!“. Check out Hazelton 36 [map].

I don’t know much about the current plans for this building, but am excited for it!

Intensification! A 5 minute walk to two subway lines. A 2 minute walk from a grocery store. A 5 minute walk from another grocery store. An 8 minute walk from, yet another, grocery store. Nearby gyms, art galleries, bars, restaurants. …etc…etc…etc.. This is a fantastic place for a new condominium and intensification.

As for the nay-sayers who live on Hazelton (errr… the owners of all the rental houses in the area)? Too bad.

Unfortunately, I hear that the building has been brought down in height and number of units? Time will tell. Lets hope Ken Zuckerman reads BuzzBuzzHome, and will contact me with some further details.

Coming May 2010! Cant wait to see more details!

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