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February 3, 2010

Ever dream of owning a sunshine winter getaway?

How about a one-bedroom, one-bath condo, just minutes from the beach in Naples or Sarasota? Better yet, how about being able to buy that winter place for just US $59,900.

Dang! No, that is not a misprint. $59,900! Okay. Okay…. There are some conditions on that deal (see further below)..

Florida Home Finders of Canada has been explaining to Canadians how to cash in on Florida’s depressed real estate market for the past few years through regular two-hour seminars held locally in the GTA. And… the seminars are FREE!

“What we have done for many years is work with Florida builders, developers and banks to market their properties to Canadians, the largest group of foreign residential investors in the state,” says Brian Ellis, vice-president sales and marketing of Vaughan based Florida Home Finders of Canada.

The global recession may have brought pain to Florida builders and banks but it opened enormous opportunities for Canadians to achieve their dream of winter homes and spectacular real estate investments.

“The opportunities for Canadians who have weathered the recession better than any other nation to take advantage of a meltdown in the Florida home market continue to be superb,” he says. “However, to make the best, wisest, and safest investment, there is a lot they need to know going in.”

The seminars are not an exercise in selling.

They start with an information session. Owning a home in Florida is very different from owning in Canada. There are tax considerations, immigration issues, legal implications and the challenges finding financing. There is also the problem of caring for and managing a property 2,000 km away.

The seminars zero in on each region of the state explaining today’s situation and what forms of housing may be the best deals in each of them.

Mr. Ellis points out the differences can be huge. The Fort Lauderdale-Miami area, for example, has rebounded quickly. He says that while a year ago that strip of land along the warm Atlantic in south Florida had a 20-year inventory of unsold properties, today buyer demand has whittled it down to just 18 months supply.

Florida Home Finders suggests strategies to overcome each challenge. The Second part of the seminars gets down to examples of the deals available such as those two condo projects on Florida’s Gulf Coast plus a wide range of others across the state.

Yes, there are some conditions. The $59,900 suites must be all-cash purchases. Mortgage money is just not available in Florida as easy as it was a few years ago.

The last few series have been standing room only, with excellent reviews… check them out here.

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