February 14, 2010

This Valentine’s Day, it seems that no one is looking for a new home; and, it appears that there is very little interesting news in real-estate or land development. Blame it on Valentines Day? Blame it on the Olympics? Blame it on “Family Day”.

No matter the reason, I have very little to post or comment upon today. As such, please find some cool heart shaped real-estate related items below… And, if looking for a cool last minute Valentines Day gift, then forget the Top 10 Worst gifts (click here).

1. Heart Shaped Pool… seems kind of dorky, but excellent for one day of the year (as long as it is not winter).

2. Heart shaped man-made lake… again, this is pretty dorky, and I wouldn’t be caught dead having something like this on my property. Let alone that it is heart shape, but a human-made lake? Give me a break..

3. Check out this cool heart shaped island from Gutierrez Lake, in Patagonia in Argentina. Check it out here on Google Maps..

4. Here is a funny heart-shaped roof structure..

5. A heart shaped forest in Spain; foresters are more loving than I thought… Actually, that is a lie… it only looks like a heart from this specific angle, check it out on Google Maps here.

6. Guandu Nature Park is has a heart shaped wet-land, which is located in Taipei City.

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