Steve Neil, who helped trigger the Competition Bureau’s action this week, says he doesn’t know who the other people are who complained but knows there are others…

(Source: CBC)

Steve Neil, the managing broker of the discount home-selling website, helped spur the Competition Bureau’s action this week after he filed a complaint against CREA.

The Competition Bureau filed an application with the Competition Tribunal this week, saying CREA’s rules are anti-competitive and limit consumer choice.

Neil spoke with Carol Off, host of CBC-Radio’s As It Happens, Tuesday. Here’s their conversation (edited for grammar).

Q. Mr. Neil, what prompted you to take on the real estate industry?

A. My career in real estate has mostly been in doing government consulting work, so as a result of that, I had a real estate licence and real estate knowledge. And I found it a bit offensive when it came to paying for commissions to sell my house, because it’s not in justification with the service being rendered.

Read the full Q&A with Steve Neil at (Feb 10, 2010).

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