Kiyoko Fujimura
January 27, 2010

Vancouver city council rejected three lucrative projects because they would obstruct views of the surrounding landscape. The project developers have been sent back to the drawing board. While many residents are saying “Good riddance”, others are concerned that this will stunt growth in heritage neighborhoods.

Some heritage neighbourhoods are in dire economic straits, while others simply need the more affordable housing units that these condos would provide.

The current maximum is 90 feet or nine storeys. The city plans to preserve low-rise heritage areas. The change was proposed by [Coun. Raymond] Louie, who said he hoped it will increase the number of affordable housing units in the area. The Vancouver Sun

So while allowing these projects would likely increase the economic viability of many neighbourhoods, Vancouver’s city council has ruled in favour of aesthetics. So enjoy those picturesque views, Vancouverites, you might be paying more for them than you know!

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