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Kim Burgsma laughs about the time she and her family were enjoying a meal in their still-unfinished house. A stranger dropped by for a look and simply walked in while they were eating.

“He said, ‘I just want to see what you’re doing,’ and we said, ‘Well, you’re standing in our living room.'”

Such casual visits were commonplace and came to be expected when Kim and husband Hugh were building a house that featured two large silos from an old creamery factory. The unusual home, a few minutes’ drive north of Goderich, drew several curious visitors during construction, says Kim, but fortunately, the number of strangers has declined now that she and Hugh have been in the home for more than a year.

Read Mark Kearney’s full article “Unusual home features two large silos” in YourHome.ca (January 16, 2010).

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