To understand recent industry gains, it’s important to look at often misunderstood real estate dynamics, notes developer

(Source: The Vancouver Sun)

Alittle over a year ago Greater Vancouver’s real estate market threatened to grind to a halt, gripped by panic and confusion. After a seven-year boom, many believed the global economic and credit crises were enough to kill our market and that recovery from them was years away. Even after interest rates dropped dramatically, many chose to sidestep the market and wait to ”see what happens.”

Many did not contemplate the rate at which our population grows, and the resulting pressure on real estate. They may not have realized it, but people who wait out the market typically find themselves competing against almost 1,000 more people every week in need of a home in Greater Vancouver.

In early 2009 I advised prospective buyers to beware the peril of waiting for news of the market bottom before buying a home because such statistical feedback tends to materialize too late to be useful.

How did the market rebound so quickly, and what lies ahead?

Read James Schouw’s full article “Supply, demand, and a real estate rebound” in the Vancouver Sun (January 2, 2010).

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