Jan 8, 2009

ServicePoint Inc., a technology and online services company headed by Bill McMullin of Bedford has launched what some are calling the first online brokerage in Canada, ViewPoint Realty.

According to a Chronicle Herald article, ViewPoint launched its Beta online site quietly on Dec. 9 and had about 20,000 specific property searches on its system by the end of the month.

The most profound feature of ViewPoint Realty is that it is publicizing coveted Canadian MLS data for everyone to see. This is a brave move. When other Canadian brokerages have tried doing this in the past they have been removed from the MLS system – often resulting in legal battles with CREA or its affiliates.

However, the founder Bill McMullin, who sold his InfoInterActive Inc. business to America Online in July 2001 for $43 million, appears ready for a fight. He says “We are a licensed brokerage and . . . can provide all the information that a traditional real estate agent can provide; we just provide it in a different way. ”

In addition to trouncing the rules of MLS, ViewPoint Realty further skirts tradition by paying its agents a salary as opposed to commission. This is a fascinating company/brokerage to keep an eye on.

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