Greta Energy is one of dozens of emerging ventures courting owners with offers that are hard to refuse

(Source: The Toronto Star)

Flying into Pearson International Airport offers a view of the GTA that would make even the least excitable solar entrepreneur salivate.

What’s the big deal? In a word: rooftops. Thousands of flat rooftops on hotels, manufacturing plants, warehouses, apartment and office buildings, schools, hospitals and shopping malls. Each is a sunlight sponge with the potential to take the sun’s rays and convert them into emission-free electricity.

In a province prepared to pay richly for solar power, it’s no surprise then that the race is on to lock up leases on prime rooftop real estate across the Greater Toronto Area and the rest of Ontario.

Read Tyler Hamilton’s full article “Rush is on to lock up rights to flat GTA rooftops” in The Toronto Star (January 12, 2010).

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