Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman says he’s thought of bringing his company to Canada but is ‘waiting for things to happen’ and ‘doesn’t want to spend all his time arguing’…says website would need to be totally different, the rules are different, user experience would be different…

As chief executive officer of, Glenn Kelman is on the forefront of a changing real estate industry in the United States, agitating for a change toward a more customer-centric model. The site – whose founders include David Eraker, Michael Dougherty and David Selinger – offers consumers the chance to work with customer-service agents rather than sales agents. Here is a transcript of reporter Steve Ladurantaye’s interview with him last week.

Q: How does Redfin work?

A: Our basic model is that most of it can be done online, but the truth is it is a combination of personal and digital service. The original premise was all digital, and since it has kind of grown into a more customer-service role. What’s really different is that there is no sales component – we don’t have a sales force – we generate leads through the website [and] when people want to work with us they step forward and ask for service. Our agents aren’t paid to make it rain, they are paid to serve the customers who want to be served, and the Web can do 90 per cent of the customer finding.

Read the full, “Q & A with Redfin’s Glenn Kelman” at The Globe and Mail (Jan 30, 2010).

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