(Source: National Post)

The Ritz-Carlton [map; details] is set to win the four-way race to become Toronto’s first super-luxury hotel.

It is at full height, 53 storeys at Wellington and Simcoe, and just weeks away from being fully enclosed. Meantime, two others competing in the five-star race, Yorkville’s Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and the Trump International downtown, are both still below 17 storeys. And, at the corner of University and Adelaide, the Shangri-La has only recently returned to ground level after going deep for parking.

When the Ritz-Carlton opens in October, it will have at least a six-month edge on the three other developments, all combining world-class hotels with deluxe condominiums. But by the second quarter of 2012, these four projects will deliver just under 1,000 five-star hotel rooms to the Toronto market.

Read Steve Darley’s full article “PUTTIN’ UP THE RITZ” in the National Post (January 19, 2010).

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