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The caviar colouration would be the beautiful blacks,” Menchions explains. “The champagne would be the sparkle and beautiful light tones of warm colour and ambers that carry throughout the entire property at every level.”

For the lobby, Menchions and Rushbrook even designed a champagne-and-caviar bar, the kind one might find in high-circulation hubs such as London’s Heathrow Airport. It’s what Menchions calls “a power space,” an intimate area that will hold only 30 to 40 people – in sharp contrast to the tower’s skyscraping capacity.

Now, after a scant two years, II By IV has triumphed where three interior design firms had failed: It has conceived, created and finalized the decor for Canada’s first Trump Tower [map; details], a mammoth project handed to them by developer Talon International.

Read Momoko Price’s full article “Model of design: Trump’s tricks” in YourHome.ca (January 16, 2010).

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