Would you like paper or plastic? Bricks or stucco?

January 27, 2010

Milk? Check.
Eggs? Check.
Cracker Jacks. Check.
New house? Errrrrr…. check?

Re/Max is starting to roll our 15 to 17 Real-Estate Offices (depending on interest from franchise owners) in Stop & Shop supermarkets across New England?

Yes. You heard that right. You will now be able to purchase a new house with your gallon of milk.

I am sure that Re/Max agents are going to love this (I wish there was a “sarcastic font” for blogging).

According to the Patriot Ledger:

Jay Hummer, executive vice president at Re/Max of New England, said the Natick company signed an agreement with Quincy-based Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. late last year to open as many as 17 real estate offices in Stop & Shop supermarkets within the next year. Most of the potential locations are in Southeastern Massachusetts.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a year now,” Hummer said. “It’s a great way for our broker-owners and agents to be able to connect with the consumer … in a very convenient location.”

Hummer said the number of real estate offices in Stop & Shop stores will depend on the franchisees’ interest in each property. He said that he has already begun to receive requests from Re/Max franchisees about leasing spaces. He expects the first office would open within the next three to four months.

Some supermarkets have bank branches. Some have Starbucks. And now some will have real estate offices. Very strange.

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