Matthew Slutsky
January 10, 2010

Suburban Markham Ontario may be taking some bold steps to increasing urban densification, through the creation of a “food belt”, which will stop the urban sprawl dead in its tracks.

According to the Toronto Star:

Several councillors are pushing for a permanent “food belt” within the town’s borders that would be preserved for agriculture until at least 2031. This is land politicians and developers have typically considered ripe for development. The Star

I love intesification and the densification of Cities… however, the government plans must be well thought and an properly planned.

Will the “food belt” be deep enough to stop leap-frogging over the belt?

What about the farmers? Is there enough infrastructure in place to allow for a vibrant farming community? We saw this problem previously with the Ontario Greenbelt.

This story reminds me that I want to watch the documentary “Radiant City”… see the trailer below..

At the end of the day, I fully support any plan to decrease suburban sprawl – AS LONG as it is a well founded plan, based on scientific research and properly implemented.

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