Hasbro releasing new Canada monopoly board…Open vote on the internet for which cities/communities get a spot…


Jan 14, 2010

It’s battle between Canadians as fans flock to www.monopolyvote.ca to vote on which places appear on Hasbro’s new Canada Monopoly board.

There are 65 cities and communities to chose from, anyone can vote and anything can happen.

For instance, manager of marketing services for Hasbro Canada Marisa Pedatella says Toronto is in no way guaranteed a spot just because it’s Canada’s largest city.

The current Leaderboard for the online vote lists Toronto in 18th place with Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in first place.

The mayor of Calgary Dave Bronconnier is so into the competition that he’s donned a top hat and bow tie to kick of a campaign to land Calgary as Monopoloy’s hottest property. Calgary is currently ranked #3 on the Leaderboard.

There are 39 days left for Canadians to vote – check out the Leaderboard and cast your vote here.

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