Cliff Peskin


Jan 14, 2010

Inman News is reporting, Search-engine giant (Google) doesn’t intend to be national MLS.

I’m not convinced.

Google has been raising eyebrows in real estate circles as it scoops up and publishes home listings on its Google Maps.

According to Matt Carter’s article, “Google sheds light on real estate plans“, Sam Sebastian, Google’s director of local and business-to-business markets in New York, says Google real estate pages, or ‘Place Pages‘, were initially created as a way to give local merchants a presence on Google.

Google ‘Place Pages’ pull content from around the internet, such as reviews, photos and other information Google has tracked down, organizing it in one place.

It’s now clear that with Place Pages for real estate listings, Google is on en route to categorizing and publishing every property listing on earth.

But, Sebastian insists, “It’s not some evil plan we have in Mountain View, with millions of folks talking about how we want to take over the real estate markets”. He says the plan was not to take away business from real estate brokers but to provide a better user experience.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what the original plan was, Google is moving full steam ahead into real estate. It has modified it’s Google Map homepage to include quick access to real estate listings and it seems likely to snap up real estate search engine Trulia.

So, when Google says its not a threat to MLS, I say, I’m not convinced.

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