Jan 28 2010

It used to be that Google Maps had Street View and Microsoft Maps had Aerial View (Birds Eye) but now Google monster has everything.

Google has unveiled Aerial View ‘bird’s eye’ Imagery for San Jose, San Diego, Portland, OR, Sacramento and Oakland, CA – there are no Canadian locations providing the new views…yet.
The feature enables much closer and crisper zoom levels allowing viewing of homes, buildings and streets from four different directions.

Orbitz, Redfin and Trulia have already updated their websites to showcase the new imagery.

Orbitz is displaying ‘birds eye view’ for their Sacramento hotels. Redfin is showing “Angled” views of properties in Oakland. Trulia is presenting a “Perspective” view for properties in Sacramento.

Moral of the story…do not, under any circumstance, suntan naked on your roof – Google monster is watching.

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