Wonder what is would be like atop of the Burj Dubai???? Check this video out!

(Source: BBC News)

The world’s tallest building is set to be opened in the Gulf emirate of Dubai.

More than 800m (2,625ft) high and clad in 26,000 glass panels, Burj Dubai has 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and apartments.

Construction began in 2004, at the height of an economic boom. The opening comes after a financial crisis which has seen Dubai bailed out by Abu Dhabi.

The exact height of the $1.5bn tower is secret, but it far exceeds that of the previous record holder, Taipei 101.

It will also lay claim to the highest occupied floor, the tallest service lift, and the world’s highest observation deck – on the 124th floor. The world’s highest mosque and swimming pool will meanwhile be located on the 158th and 76th floors.

Read the full article “Dubai to open world’s tallest building” in the BBC News (January 4, 2009).

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