(Source: CCTV)

The General Office of the State Council, China’s cabinet, Sunday issued a notice that required central governmental departments and local governments to strengthen management, stabilize market expectations and facilitate stable and sound development of the real estate market.

“With the recovery of the real estate market, such problems as excessively rising house prices have recently emerged in some cities, which call for great attention,” said the notice.

It listed 11 specific measures which should be taken in five aspects — increasing supply of low-cost houses for low-income families and common residential houses, encouraging reasonable house buying while restraining purchases for speculation and investment, strengthening real estate project loan risk management and market supervision, speeding up construction of housing projects for low-income households, and specifying responsibilities of local governments.

Read the full article “China rolls out fresh measures for property market amid rising house prices” in CCTV (January 10, 2010).

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