The magazine, which specializes in finding comfy, well-priced retirement real estate for Americans, put France in the top spot for the fifth year running. But the 30-year-old magazine boosted Canada’s ranking in the leisure and culture and economy measures to lift it into ninth place, after Belgium but before Italy.

The top 10:

1. France

2. Australia

3. Switzerland (“Swallow a Swiss pill and you know it won’t poison you. You know the bank will always be discreet. You also know everyone will speak your language.”)

4. Germany (“You could buy a 55-square-metre apartment for $160,000.”)

5. New Zealand

6. Luxembourg (The most “Michelin-starred restaurants per square mile … a tax haven.”)

7. United States (“The land of convenience.”)

8. Belgium

9. Canada

10. Italy (“Farmhouses with a couple of acres for $60,000.”)
Read the full article “‘Fun’ Canada a Top 10 place to live” in the Toronto Star (Jan 07, 2009).

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