December 6, 2009

Looking to sell your expensive real-estate? If so, it would be better to market your property to women than men.

According to a survey from Barclay’s Wealth, woman with higher asset levels are much more predisposed to purchasing real estate than men.

“Perhaps the most interesting part of the survey relates to gender. Almost half (49%) of the women surveyed consider real estate to be a less risky investment than stocks, compared with 37% of men.

Women also are more likely to enjoy investing in real estate than men: 44% of women surveyed find buying property more enjoyable than investing in other asset classes. Only 28% of men feel the same way. While 34% of men are likely to invest in real estate indirectly through a fund, only 14% of women would prefer this approach.” WSJ

Women like the stability of the real-estate, and men prefer more risky stocks? Women prefer the prestige of a house, while men prefer the prestige of accumulating further wealth? I have no clue why…. what are your thoughts?

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