Cliff Peskin
Dec 31, 2009

Tonight we say goodbye to 2009. Wow. We’re already into the second decade of the twenty first century. How did the last ten years go so fast!

Well, as fast as the last decade past us by there is something moving even faster…


Technology is picking up speed. It’s getting faster and faster. If you thought 2009 was dizzying with Twitter, Google Chrome, Iphone 3Gs and the Amazon Kindle then fasten your seatbelt. 2010 is turning things up a notch.

The following are five technology-meets-real-estate trends that are gonna make an impression…

5. Tablet PC’s – Get ready for browsing real estate listings at your breakfast table – together with your cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

Apple is expected to launch the ‘iSlate’ tablet computing device on January 26, 2009. The iSlate will compete with e-book devices such as the
Amazon Kindle and is likely to make 2010 the year tablet PC’s hit the mainstream. The only question is whether you will or will not be bringing your tablet to the bathroom with you?

4. Real Estate Related Reviews Gain Traction – People like to know the thoughts and experiences of others. Before we purchase a digital camera we check out the reviews.

Before we book a vacation to Bermuda we check out hotel and resort ratings. Where would the insights and experiences of others be more valuable then in the purchasing of a home – generally the greatest purchase of one’s life. 2010 will see a greater emphasis on online real estate reviews. Reviews and ratings for condo developers, builders, real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, and buildings too.

3. Google Sticks its Paws deeper into Real Estate – Google is a greedy monster and wants a slice of the real estate pie. This is good news for consumers and bad for agents.
Google is moving full swing into real estate. With Google Base Real Estate it is snapping up real estate listings and publishing them for the world to see. When purchasers and vendors have such direct access to the consumption and publishing of data the role of agents is diminished. Think about what Expedia did to the travel industry. And, agents aren’t the only ones giving Google a dirty look – there’s competing online listing aggregators such as Zoocasa that can’t be thrilled with the Google threat either.

2. Online Discount Brokerages – The Canadian Competion Bureau is breathing down the neck of the Canada Real Estate Association for anti-competitive behavior.

Young real estate startups armed with the winds of free market economics and technological progress are clawing from the sidelines. In 2010 Canadian real estate will see the emergence of and like clones that will provide Canadian consumers with choice as to how they research and purchase real estate – and offer to save them a ton of cash too.

1. Mobile Real Estate Sites and Apps – It’s still damn hard to research real estate listings on
your mobile phone.

Whereas those looking for real estate in the United States may leave their computers at home and rely on their mobiles to find homes on the road, us Canadians don’t yet have the same resources. The mobile site sucks and Zoocasa’s Iphone app is the only alternative. 2010 will see Canadian brokerages and real estate tech companies launch better and more intuitive mobile solutions for real estate. Woohoo!

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