Matthew Slutsky
December 1, 2009

Chit-chatting… Bee-bopping… Procrastinating… Advertising… Social media and technology can be used for far more purposes than just bee-bopping with your friends, sharing links and wasting the day away. In fact, through HomeFree, social media and new technologies are mending the social-fabric of the disadvantaged… one WiFi terminal at a time.

“Home Free Organization is a non-profit initiative to eradicate homelessness in urban environments through the provision of free wireless internet, social networking and resource allotment. We take donated bread trucks which have come off route and add donated computers and hardware to create mobile wireless access hubs for homeless individuals to utilize for finding family, jobs, resources and ways off the street. The goal is simple: Provide a resource for the homeless which will allow them to find ways off the street. Of course there are many who prefer the streets to a 9-5 and home life, but for those who are stuck and cannot find there way, Home Free will provide the tools to try.”

BOOM! Now thats a novel idea!

“We give every visitor an email address to be used for networking and contact. We provide a focused set of search engines geared toward geneology, people searching, available jobs and other resources available to homeless individuals. Finding the Home Free Truck will be easy, as we will be providing the streets with an 800 number that can be called from any public phone to give the exact location of the truck.”

Please check them out, ‘here‘.

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