Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman: “Our research shows that a prospective home buyer will look at the photos of a house nearly 20 times over in the 24 hours before making an offer. Internet consumers spend one-third the time touring properties than their traditional counterparts once did. So the challenge for listing agents all comes down to creating an online experience with high emotional impact. The way Animoto couples music, motion, text and photography creates a far more powerful medium for selling a home, with higher conversion rates than photos alone.”

(Source: REM

Putting together a professional looking property video can be time-consuming. Even when you’ve mastered the practical skills of taking wobble-free video, panning and zooming, there’s still the problem of editing and combining video clips with images, adding commentary and publishing the finished video presentation in an accessible format on the web.

This is where Animoto comes in – a video creation platform that aims to reduce the time it takes to produce a professional video from hours to minutes. Animoto ( uses an intuitive step-by-step wizard approach to creating videos with Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology to help with things like post-production.

Read the full article by Petra Jones, “Faster video editing and web searching” at REM (Dec 28, 2009).

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