Matthew Slutsky
December 15, 2009

BuzzBuzzHome loves statistics. Actually, we don’t… but, we love reporting on them.

Recently we told you about some amazing statistics regarding the fact that 90% of new home buyers start their home-buying search online, before contacting an agent (check the story by clicking here). As well, we have posted stories about countless housing statistics, and figures (too many too link to!).

Today, thanks to Ipsos, we have found a whole bunch of new statistics, of which I have posted my four favourites below:

1. 85% of Canadians have household Internet access compared to 70% in 2001
2. Canadians spend average of 14 hours online per week – on the rise
3. Canadian Internet users spend on average 5.4 hours per week on social networking sites, which is about one-third of all online time
4. 60% of respondents have visited a housing website

Some interesting points from the survey:

1. Online social networks are highly skewed towards younger audiences. Must be carefully targeted and supported by other media
2. Online marketing should be a vital component – but only one part – of your marketing mix
3. Social networking must be relevant, appropriate and targeted
4. Permission-based email is still the most effective

At the end of the day, it is clear, as discussed by Ispsos, that the Internet does play a significant – and increasing – role in helping Canadians buying a home, but is not a silver bullet for real estate marketing.

Check out their presentation below… discussion on the Internet starts on slide 19,

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