(Source: Daily Commercial News)

Four construction workers plunged to their deaths in Toronto when a scaffold they were working on broke apart the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

The workers were performing balcony repairs on a Kipling Avenue apartment building south of Steeles Avenue. A fifth worker is still in hospital with reported shattered legs after surviving the 13-storey drop. The workers are reportedly migrant workers, ranging in age from their 20s to 30s. It is believed no one was wearing a safety harness or was “tied off” at the time of the accident.

At least two safety lines were still mounted, hanging, intact and readily visible at the scene. A metal bucket, used to hoist cement or debris created by repairs, dangled between the two pieces of scaffolding. High winds Christmas Day caused all three pieces to sway perilously above Toronto police and Ministry of Labour investigators near the scene at ground level.

Read Vince Versace’s full article “Four construction workers die in Toronto on Christmas Eve” in the Daily Commercial News (December 24, 2009). Photo Credit: Vince Versace.

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