(Source: Star News Online)

The author of the Craigslist posting in Las Vegas made no effort to disguise his or her intentions.

“Stripping House — Before Foreclosure,” the ad declared, offering potential buyers the cabinets and countertops, the sinks and toilets, the doors, the appliances, the sprinklers. Even the palm and citrus trees in the yard were for sale, with a catch.

“You dig,” the author advised.

In Nevada and other states hit hard by the housing crisis, stripping fixtures and appliances from homes in foreclosure has become commonplace. Craigslist, the Web site for classified ads, functions as a bazaar where stripped items are sold openly. Often, the stripping is not done by strangers. It is done by the owner, just before the bank forecloses on the mortgage and takes the property back.

Read John Collins Rudolf’s full article “Nice Home. Where’s the Rest of It?” in Star News Online (December 23, 2009).

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