Growing number of American families concluding best new dream home is a rental…Percentage of Americans owning their own home charts biggest decline in twenty years…

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Schoolteacher Shana Richey misses the playroom she decorated with Glamour Girl decals for her daughters. Fireman Jay Fernandez misses the custom putting green he installed in his backyard. But ever since they quit paying their mortgages and walked away from their homes, they’ve discovered that giving up on the American dream has its benefits.

Both now live on the 3100 block of Club Rancho Drive in Palmdale, where a terrible housing market lets them rent luxurious homes — one with a pool for the kids, the other with a golf-course view — for a fraction of their former monthly payments.

Read the full article by Mark Whitehouse, “American Dream 2: Default, Then Rent” in the Wall Street Journal (Dec 10, 2009).

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