Matthew Slutsky
December 14, 2009

BuzzBuzzHome has written a lot about living in small space (check out here, here, here and here), but we were writing about one-bedroom condos averaging 550 square feet. Try living in a 300 square foot studio, or a 55 square foot New York pad.

WAIT! 55 square feet? Is that possible? The answer is yes!

How? Do your dishes in the shower. Sit sideways on the toilet. And, if you are too tall… then too bad, because you willn’t fit in the washroom.

Meet Eddie Rabon, who talks in the video below about his itty-bitty 55 square foot pad in “Small price to pay” New York Post…

“It’s fantastic,” he said. “It’s a great neighborhood in the greatest city. It’s about $800 a month. You won’t find that price anywhere else in this area. I feel like the money I save not having to get on the train to get around because I’m in the center of everything is worth it.”

Rabon said the longest wall in his apartment is 121/2 feet, and that includes the apartment door. At its narrowest spot, he can spread his arms and almost touch both opposing walls. He said he has trouble turning around in his little shower, and said taller friends have been unable to close the bathroom door if they need to sit.

“The bathroom has an airplane sink turned lengthwise,” he said. “So I can’t actually fit in over the sink.”

Yikes! At least Rabon sounds like a happy camper. But, for $800 per month (not including hydro), I think I would rather take on a room-mate in a larger home!

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